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January, 2011

The Foundum Team on Holiday!

Monday, January 17th, 2011

The holiday season came to an end and the Foundum Team is back, working hard. I’m Claudio and I take care of content and projects at Foundum and I’d like to give you some insight on what the Foundum Team did during the holidays.

Although we are the most hard working and dedicated team of the Global internet start-up scene ;) we took some holidays as well. Yes, incredible but true! Of course we also worked remotely and with that we experienced the consequences that include, but are not limited to, time zone differences, no internet connection (which is not a good thing for an internet company!), trouble in communication and more! As our CEO says: “A start-up never sleeps”. We are a very international team so our holidays were spent all over the world from Germany, to Spain, to the Czech Republic, to Russia and the Maldives.


Our Founders, Daniela and Christopher went back to chilly but cosy Hamburg, as you can see from the picture below. (Between us, more chilly than cosy!) Here you can see that Christopher received a new toy for Christmas (all the Geeks out there might know what it is – yes, the A.R. Drone making a boys dream come true of flying a big helicopter;-) whilst Daniela is enjoying the landscape of a frozen Elbe river.










Our Product Manager, Ramon, went to visit his girlfriend’s parents in Extremadura (on the Atlantic coast of Spain). Amongst celebrating the various festivities he also went on a guided tour of the Almaraz nuclear plant (Wow!). Check out the view:

nuclear power plant

I went back to see my family who’s living in Moscow and then we went on a trip to a warm and relaxed stay on a white sandy island in the Maldives. Coming from -15°c to +30°c it was a shock, from building an igloo to building a sand castle! Below I’m having a beer with my mother Alessandra in the “igloo”.


Ladislav and Zdenko our Programming Magicians enjoyed the white Christmas in the Czech Republic. Ladislav spent time with family and friends eating sweets, drinking lots (of water & soft drinks I’m sure), and playing the all time classic social games. Zdenko spent his Christmas with the family, chatting, exchanging gifts, and being distracted by his computer. While New Years (aka St. Sylvester Day) was spent with the friends in the mountains and included, skiing, snowboarding, pub-ing and Karaoke-ing (we look forward to your singing at our next retreat!). They are both still holding back with pictures ;)

Sara, our Intern, went back to her hometown just outside Barcelona and spent Christmas with her family (30 ppl!!!!!) and New Years with her friends. This is Sara with her best friend, Miguel, they are so stylish they seem ready to go and host a TV show on Spanish national TV!

Fin de año_sara&miguel


We travelled, we relaxed, we had fun, we enjoyed and… worked …, now that 2011 has started we’re more energetic than ever to bring Foundum full on during the first part of this year! Stay tuned ;)