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3DS – From Austin with Passion

March 11th, 2011

Passion for entrepreneurship seems to be the motivation behind 3 Day Startup (3DS). This is an initiative by a group of students in Austin (started in 2008) and it’s meant to foster the creation of technological companies in universities. 3DS is a pre-seed accelerator event that puts together students from different backgrounds, business, engineering, design and more, and gives them 3 days to come up with a start-up idea to present to a panel of judges made up of investors and local entrepreneurs. Throughout the 3 days there is very little time to rest as the teams discuss ideas, come up with business models, build prototypes and pitch to the panel.

There have been events organized in the USA and Germany and now also for the first time in Barcelona from the 1st till 3rd of April. Until now some of the names of successful companies that have emerged from the past events are Hurricane Party and Moodfish.  After 7 successful events there are now 14 companies that employ more than 40 people and have raised a total capital of $2 million. We definitely look forward to the outcome of the event here in Barcelona.

The 1st of April 40 students will get together at the La Salle Campus forming 8 teams of 5 participants each and discussing their ideas. Once each team decides on which direction to go they will start working together to create a business plan and prototype. Before pitching to the panel of entrepreneurs and investors two days later the 8 teams will vote on the top 2-5 ideas that will then be pitched to the panel.

This event is a great opportunity for many students to understand how to create a start-up, collaborate in a diverse team, understand what entrepreneurship is about and take action. 3DS delivers the framework and structure for motivated and talented people to come together where the only obstacle is time and where sleep is optional!