Passion for entrepreneurship has inspired us to create Foundum. We believe in entrepreneurs as they have the greatest potential to drive, change and positively influence economies & societies.

September, 2011

Passion for Entrepreneurship!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Working and living in an entrepreneurial world is by far the most inspiring way to work. It gives you a feeling of freedom and a sense that anything is possible. We’d like to share with you why we enjoy it so much and how are we connecting this passion with the digital world.

Entrepreneurs change the world with their passion

There is something entrepreneurs have in common; passion to start, passion to create and passion to make a difference in people’s life…

Like Jeffrey Timmons says “Entrepreneurship is the ability to create and build from a vision practically nothing: fundamentally it is a human, creative act.” Entrepreneurs dream of making this world a better place and they have the potential to make it happen.

Think about it. At some point in history, one entrepreneur came up with something different that changed thousands of people’s life. After her frustration in the dominating male corporate world during the fifties in the USA, Mary Kay Ash dreamt of a company that would let women and mothers be their own bosses, set up their own working schedules and determine their own levels of advancement. She then created Mary Kay, a door-to-door cosmetics company. Mary Kay Ash was a pioneer in enabling women becoming entrepreneurs.

What about Walt Disney? With his charismatic cartoons, he brought joy and entertainment not only to children but also to entire families all over the world for generations. Not to forget Richard Branson, the British entrepreneur and founder of Virgin, who is known for donating large amounts of money to charity events and causes, as well as creating his own foundation Virgin Unite. The list of entrepreneurs can go on and on.

Our Passion connected to Digital Opportunities

Being in the middle of the digital revolution, we want to support entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams by using digital means. Our online platform shall help entrepreneurs grow their ventures by accessing relevant resources and connecting to the stakeholders of their local and global ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship is our passion and technology is our “enabler” in creating Foundum – the digital opportunity for entrepreneurs. The time has come to empower entrepreneurs and stop making them jump through hoops when creating their ventures. We fuel their passion for starting ventures by lowering barriers and creating symmetry of information, because “entrepreneurs make this world a better place”.