Passion for entrepreneurship has inspired us to create Foundum. We believe in entrepreneurs as they have the greatest potential to drive, change and positively influence economies & societies.

October, 2011

Foundum is born

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

We are very proud to announce that Foundum Beta has gone live today!

Around three years ago while being on our honeymoon in the Mediterranean Sea, Christopher, a serial entrepreneur and Venturepreneur himself and me, Daniela, a social media “geek”, came up with a global concept to help entrepreneurs grow their Ventures faster and more successful. Together in life, and now together in our life project, we merged our expertise – entrepreneurship, community building, venture capital and social media – to create and grow Foundum.

Our vision is to enable the next generation of entrepreneurs to grow, become more successful & increase their positive impact on the world during their different entrepreneurial stages. So we came up with the idea of creating a one-stop-platform providing entrepreneurs with structured resources, services and contacts, in order to foster the local and global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are launching in Spain with the first ecosystem in Barcelona and we’ll open many more ecosystems in other cities, regions and countries in the near future.

So, what can you find on Foundum?

  • Access to people: As an entrepreneur you can find access to people like fellow entrepreneurs or potential co-founders, private investors and board members or advisors who might help you grow your venture. We have created a specific search engine that will help you to find the right people without spending too much time and money.
  • Access to events: There are a bunch of events going on but which ones are really worth attending? We have created a global calendar that aggregates all events interesting for entrepreneurs to go to.
  • Access to Know-How and Experience: Our discussion section shall invite you to ask all sorts of questions you might have around the process of creating and growing your venture.

Foundum offers the one stop solution for vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems in cities like Barcelona. We connect the relevant entrepreneurial stakeholders, and aggregate the most inspiring discussions and events on a local and global basis. In addition, we are providing a powerful database of Organisations and People, and this is just the beginning! We want to help you grow your venture, your quality deal flow, yourself and the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, because we believe that “entrepreneurs make this world a better place”.

Vienna Startup Week

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

5 days, 30 sessions, 50 start-ups, 70 speakers and more than 1000 people attendees. These were just some numbers floating around at the first edition of the European Startup festival in Vienna. We were also in Vienna for both the Venturepreneurs’ Summit and the Startup Week. It was an intense week full of insights into European entrepreneurship with a special focus on Eastern Europe and emerging markets. We want to share with you what we have learned at the conference so you can use this knowledge to grow yourselves and your ventures!

Talent, talent and more talent

It is clear that the main challenge of a venture (as well as any other type of organisation) is to acquire the right talent. When we refer to talent it isn’t necessarily the people that come out of a Harvard MBA with the top grades. Each venture has a specific culture, offering and is at a certain stage of its lifecycle – so you need to seek the talent that is right for you. As Morten Lund says, in a venture at the seed and start-up stage the people need the stamina and passion as well as the persistence and courage to go forward regardless of the obstacles. Later on if the business model is proven and works well it might be necessary to bring in new talent that can grow the venture fast in different geographies and bring it to the next level. So make sure you understand where you venture is and who it needs for the present stage.

You are running a marathon

Pascal Finette, of Mozilla, made a very inspiring presentation on how if you are an entrepreneur you need to behave as if you were running a marathon. He gives recommendations to the entrepreneur to reduce the likelihood of failure and also set the right expectations. We highlight a few of these recommendations. As an entrepreneur you need to make sacrifices, it isn’t easy and the success stories seen in the media are the tip of an iceberg fool of failures. Make the positive choices that make a difference in your life and career, karma will get back to you! Set high goals for yourself and seek your potential, only like this will you break barriers. Work as a team, run to win and push the pace – only together will you reach those goals and unless you run to win you will never win but you need to push the pace and mover quicker than others.

The product

The product is key, it is what your customers need to use, like and come back to. It is because of the product that you are able to monetize and it is the main purpose of the venture. Tariq Krim, entrepreneur and founder of Netvibes and Jolicloud, took us through his tips on what you should focus on when it comes to the product. There are always the obvious things such as make a product that works and people need, build a brand around it, and execute well. Some other tips include the distribution, “Every good product is as good as its reach” – so if you release a new online product in a country with very little Internet penetration don’t expect good results. Also, don’t quit that easily, if it doesn’t work out the first time change direction, tweak the product or the target market – “don’t quit until you’ve tried everything”.

Network and be involved

Our own personal recommendation is that you need to be present and know the people in the industry. For us going to Startup Week 2011 was an invaluable experience. We have met the top European entrepreneurs, investors and visionaries in the Internet space. Before you network and attend conferences, make sure what your purpose is, who you want to speak to and prepare. At the conference, try to speak to many people, get to know the speakers and then at the after conference parties (and there are always parties!) you have the chance to get to know people better and have a one to one conversation. Make sure to set a metric for your networking efforts, it’s just like any other business operation you do.

We were inspired by what happened in Vienna and we are even more enthusiastic about bringing to the entrepreneurial scene the online platform for entrepreneurs and the relevant stakeholders that will enable the ecosystem to be online, more interconnected, more visual and have a local penetration coupled with a global reach.