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November, 2011

Foundum’s second Team Retreat in Sitges

Monday, November 28th, 2011

For the second time our team came together for another  3-day company retreat.

Once again we met in sunny Sitges near Barcelona, all looking forward to a productive and also amusing weekend.

The excitement was great as all the hard work of the past year was rewarded with the Foundum Website going live on 12th of October.

The aim of the retreat was to bring all team members together and to align on the company objectives for 2012 and to improve our collaboration amongst each other. We were also happy to have our new French team member Laurent with us for the first time who is supporting us with his UX magic to give Foundum a totally new spin in the future. Since we’re all working across different countries there’s nothing more powerful to bring all brains together into one room causing great energy and dynamics.

Our program was intense and long but we could also enjoy some quality time outside. One evening we prepared our own international dinner. As we all come from different cultures we decided it’s time to create an international menu with specialties from our home countries. The mixed menu began with two amazingly tasting starters. A “Quiche Lorraine” from France, a “Tortilla” from Spain. The main course consisted of Czech homemade chicken & pork “Schnitzel” together with German “Sauerkraut”.  It was then rounded off with a deliciously tasting Italian “Tiramisu”. What a combination of delicous food!

We also were able to relax with some Yoga at the beach and do some real sports: Paddle. Paddle is a traditional Argentinean sport, a mix of squash and tennis. It was quite new for some team members but it seems they are all natural talents – so soon real paddle matches started to occur ;-)

Apart from the fun experience, we spent those three days to brainstorm new ideas and to set new targets. We came up with new product specifications for our next roadmap. We’re all more than happy about the final outcomes and we hope you’ll benefit from our new features once they are implemented. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements to come!