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April, 2012

New Features on Foundum

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

For those of you who regularly visit our site, you’ve probably already noticed quite a few changes to the Foundum experience.  We’re excited to have welcomed so many new members since our launch just one month ago, and wanted to reward you all with some tasty additions to our platform. Our UX and design team has been hard at work implementing some exciting new features; we hope you’ll enjoy.

Homepage- As you may have already seen, we’ve re-designed the Foundum homepage.  A rotating carousel of panels now greets visitors with a colorful graphic display, giving our entrepreneurial ecosystem a new personality. We’ve detailed each type of member profile here in order to ensure that every stakeholder understands their individual benefits.


Press – Our public launch on March 6th has generated quite a bit of media coverage, and we had a difficult time containing our excitement. We’ve decided to add a press section, where you can find us in La Vanguardia, Expansion, and many more.

Invite your Entrepreneurial Contacts – As a Foundum member you can now invite your own entrepreneurial contacts directly. Simply click on the “Invite your Entrepreneurial Contacts” button, enter your contact’s name and entrepreneurial information, and they will be invited via email to join Foundum.

Register via LinkedIn  – New members creating a profile on Foundum are now able to import their photo and professional details from their existing LinkedIn accounts.  We hope that this will save you time during the registration process and make your Foundum experience more user friendly.

We are hard at work developing some additional features that we will unveil soon. Stay tuned ;-) .

TEDxESADE 2012 – Two acronyms that go well together!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Do you know what TED and ESADE have in common? In first place they are both acronyms; TED means Technology, Entertainment and Design, ESADE means Escuela Superior de Administración y Direcciòn de Empresas. Something else they have in common is their passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and emerging talent. Both institutions, in their own way, educate and provide a space to launch new ideas. That’s essentially what the TEDxESADE event on the 13th of April was about and we at Foundum are happy to partner up with these initiatives!

The audience was full of concept and early stage entrepreneurs being inspired by some very extroverted and entertaining speakers. The speakers were there to inspire and pump energy into the audience – they succeeded.

Alex Barrera (co-founder and CEO Tetuan Valley) and Lane Becker talked about some abstract motivational concepts like achieving “WOWness” and learning how to be lucky. They pushed the idea that your life is in your control, many random things will happen, but if we are able to keep a positive attitude and spot opportunities when we least expect them we can really shape our own lives they way we want to.

Feargal MacConuladh, Director at Technova, gave a more concrete presentation with the 5 reasons why YOU should become an entrepreneur!

  1. The pursuit of passion! Do what you are passionate about…
  2. Create like a child! You can go back to being a child playing with lego block and create something from scratch.
  3. The rush of risk! That adrenaline rush that you get when doing something extreme. It’s the same rush that entrepreneurs get addicted to and the reason why they keep on creating companies.
  4. Mountains of money…not really. You have a slight chance you will make a mountain of money. Anyway, it’s a job that will generate some kind of income for you and if you think it’s not safe, well… in these economic times no job is safe.
  5. Freedom, #nuffsaid

TEDxESADE is a fantastic afternoon event that takes place in Barcelona every year. It surely does a great job at inspiring concept and early stage entrepreneurs to go forward and start shaping their own lives and the lives of others from what they create.