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May, 2012

Foundum Unplugged brings Investors worth €1Billion to Spain

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

We give you 1 Billion reasons to unplug from the Internet and join us on the 13th of June in Barcelona. Foundum Unplugged brings together the top 150 innovative high-growth Entrepreneurs, VC’s, Private Investors and entrepreneurial Movers & Shakers from Spain and Europe.

Workshops, a dedicated matchmaking session, networking drinks and more! Fill out all details of your Foundum Profile and bring lots of energy as you will connect with key people that will enable you to fast forward your startup.

Dedicated areas for Seed, Early, Expansion Investors and general Fundraising Advisors will be at the heart of the Foundum Unplugged while Top Entrepreneurs will be pitching 1-on-1 to International VCs, Private Investors and other Movers & Shakers. How can you join?

It’s simple! Request your invitation to, create a profile of your Startup and list in your Need section that you need investment. Be quick, the deadline is the 31st of May 2012 and only the best 100 Entrepreneurs and their startups will be selected. If you are an innovative high growth Entrepreneur with the need for the best Investors and Advisors then Foundum Unplugged will be the right event for you.

If you have been selected you will receive an invitation from us after you have sent us an email. The ticket price is €300 only which also includes a free entry to SIME Barcelona (value €190) on the 14th of June at the BizBarcelona conference. For any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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Venturepreneurs predict Trends for 2012

Monday, May 21st, 2012

The Venturepreneurs’ Organisation is a pan-European organization of serial entrepreneurs and investors. They meet twice per year to discuss trends, share their network and stories as well as collaborate on new projects. One of the most interesting sessions of the 9th Summit that was held in Gavà this year in May was the ‘Trends session’. In 2 hours each Venturepreneur discussed what he thought to be the trend to follow in the next few years. Below we can explore these 13 trends that might shape our future.

1. Mass Customization
3D printing has been around for some time already. It is now making it’s way to mainstream and the technology has improved so much that 3D printers can now replicate themselves – robots creating robots! Once technology makes its way to the street and the masses can take more control over it imagine the kind of potential that could be unleashed. Toys, clothes, electronics, furniture – all you want could be replicated and personalized across the entire world.

2. Banking/Mobile payments
We all know that mobile payment will somehow emerge as the form of payment for many. The question is who will be the winner in this space? Will it take the shape of the credit card industry with a MasterCard, Visa and Amex or will there be many more players?

3. Proximity Based Services
We are living two lives, one in the physical space and another in the digital space. It only makes sense that there be an ever increasing merging of these two worlds. Mobile has immensely helped this transition with location based communities. More and more applications will find a way to have proximity based services take over many aspects of your life, such as messaging, dating and advertising.

4. Online Bookings
Vertical online bookings are a reality and can only become bigger. Book your flight, hotel, restaurant and whatever you need online. Some spaces are cluttered already but there are many possibilities for websites to become the no.1 booking site for the vertical industry they represent.

5. Online Education
Education as we know it has not changed very much since World War 2. The content might have somewhat evolved and been updated, but the majority of education takes place in classrooms with a professor and 20 or more students taking notes from the blackboard. It is time to change this and in the next 10/20 years we will observe an educational revolution where students will prepare for class before school via online videos given by the best professors in the world.

6. eCommerce
This industry has taken off in the past years and Amazon is the absolute winner in this space from a global perspective. But there are still many opportunities. Redesigning the experience, going into new industries and ‘owning’ a customer for life are some of these opportunities.

7. HTML5 & apps
It would seem like HTML5 is the winning technology for future apps for mobile devices. Therefore start developing your apps in HTML5 because this technology allows you to have an app on different platforms and at the same time keeping and adapting the design, look & feel.

8.Social Validation
We are many on the web and we are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. The internet is a much bigger crowd than your high school, college or workplace. Social validation systems, ways and services that rank your social status online will be ever more important.

9. Second Screen TV
The TV industry is another industry that is moving very slowly. We still watch TV from our sofa. Many have switched to online streaming, but we still watch TV from a screen and take in what is displayed on the screen. That’s why we are seeing, slowly, the emergence of 2nd screen TV’s. 2nd screen TVs are applications on your mobile device that allow you to further engage with the program you are watching on TV. For example; as you are watching Formula 1 on TV you can see extra facts and figures about the race on your tablet. In addition you can also interact and share what you are watching on your social networks.

10. Last but not least…. Mobile
We have not mentioned it but from the above trends the simple truth comes out that mobile, smartphones, tablets are becoming our major outlet for media, entertainment, messaging and communities. While laptops and computers are where we work. Not to mention the importance of mobile devices in emerging and underdeveloped countries where computers are not even an option.

Trends are an educated guess of the future based on past and present occurrences. The Venturepreneurs are a group of professionals who’s business is to be aware of trends and ‘catch the wave’ of what is about to come. In our opinion something that might have been missed is the cable-free connected home. The idea of having media, appliances, computers, tablets, mobiles and all that is electronic connected and fully integrated on the wi-fi network. What do you see as the next wave?