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October, 2012

Post your Needs & Find your Leads

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Recently, our long awaited Needs & Leads Matchmaking feature has gone live! We’d like to give you a short overview how you can benefit from receiving personalized profile suggestions based on the needs you have inserted on Foundum.

Whether you are looking for Funding (Private Investor, Equity, Loan, Subsidy), Advice (Board Member, Board Advisor, Advisor), Talent (Co-founder, Team Member, Speaker) or any kind of Services (like Legal services, Office space, M&A, PR , Consulting, Education, Acceleration, IT Support, Mobile Development or Design), Foundum matches you to the right contacts that can help solve your need. Our aim is to support entrepreneurs and their startups from seed to exit, enabling them to connect with stakeholders that can drive their growth and success at each stage of their business’s life cycle.



With the Needs & Leads Matchmaking feature, entrepreneurs can indicate their main Needs and will receive relevant suggestions matching their criteria. You’ll get direct access to the people you are looking for. Advisors, investors and service & funding providers can offer their services to entrepreneurs and get suggestions of entrepreneurs who are in the need of their specific service. It’s beneficial for both sides.



Whatever your startup needs, we’ll find a match for you according to your profile criteria. For example, a startup looking for a private investor will be matched to private investors looking for startups within their industry, stage and geographic focus. The entrepreneur will then find all the relevant suggestions under “My Needs” which is accessible via your personal homepage.

We hope this new feature will help you find the right contacts. Any feedback or ideas for improvement are more than welcome! Foundum is becoming the dating site for entrepreneurs ☺ Happy Matching!

Madrid Ecosystem Launch Event

Friday, October 19th, 2012

It’s official: Madrid is now Foundum’s 3rd local Ecosystem in Spain! To celebrate the opening, Madrid’s most active entrepreneurs, private investors & entrepreneurial movers & shakers had the opportunity to meet each other in person and kick off Foundum’s newest ecosystem!

In collaboration with IE Business School’s Venture Labs, the Madrid Ecosystem Launch Event was held at the IE Venture Labs Area 31.

Juanjo Güemes, the Vice President for Economic Affairs and President of the International Center for Entrepreneurial Management at IE Business School, kicked things off by introducing the newest innovation space in Madrid, Venture Labs’ Area 31. It’s only been 2 months, but they are already making waves in their ecosystem by hosting weekly pitch events and collaborating with our good friends at Wayra.

Then Christopher Pommerening and Scott Mackin officially unveiled the Madrid Ecosystem by demonstrating just how powerful the connected entrepreneur can be by taking their place in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. With the newest Needs & Leads feature live on, entrepreneurs are automatically matched to trusted partners that can provide the exact resources they need for their startup.

Finally, Verne Harnish, Founder of Gazelles & Entrepreneurs Organization, wrapped up the presentation by sharing learnings from his newest book “The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time” via livestream from his headquarter in Barcelona. To read a free chapter, feel free to do so here:

The rest of the night was filled with great tapas and drinks provided by the Venture Labs catering team and networking with some of Madrid’s world class entrepreneurial stakeholders.

And we must say, none of this could be possible without the Ambassadors of the Madrid Ecosystem: Iñaki Arrola (founder of, Angel Maria Herrera (founder of Iniciador) and Felix Lopez (General Manager at AJE Madrid). They are unsung heroes of our entrance into Madrid and to whom we owe a word of gratitude.

A big thank you to the entrepreneurial champions of the Madrid Ecosystem: Jesus Encinar (founder of, Martin Varsavsky (founder of Fon), José Marín (founder of IGexpansión), Francois Derbaix (Rentalia), Marta Esteve (Top Rural), Michael Kleindl (Komm Investments), Iñaki Arrola ( and there will be more to come.It’s been a pleasure to meet such an exciting group and we’re looking forward to witnessing the rapid growth and unique personalities take shape in the Madrid Ecosystem!

White Bull Summit: Pathways to Exit

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Right here in Barcelona, for the 3rd year in a row, Farley Duvall, Elizabeth Perry, and their team have wrapped up another successful White Bull Summit: Pathways to Exit event. The annual tech conference that focuses on European startup exits showcases entrepreneurs from Seed (Yearlings), Early (Young Bulls), and Expansion (Longhorns) stage tech startups.

This year’s program took an in-depth look at European Innovation and featured presentations by some of Europe’s foremost thought leaders in the industry including, Manish Madhvani of GP Bullhound, Yves Cornaz of Google, Neal Dempsey of Bay Partners VC, Mike Butcher of TechCrunch, and many others.

In between these provoking speakers, the startups took the stage to compete for Bully Awards in each of the categories and had multiple opportunities to pitch to VC and private investors alike throughout the 3-day event.

This year’s winners are:
AlterGeo – – Russia
Boole Server – – Italy
Burt – – Sweden
Canatu – – Finland
CloudMe – – Sweden
Crowdynews – – Netherlands
dukaPC – – Denmark
eCommera – – UK
Encap – – Norway
Epuramat – – Luxembourg
Everplaces – – Denmark
eyeOS – – Spain
iZettle – – Sweden
Kiosked – – Finland
Klarna – Sweden
Maporama – – France
Masabi – – UK
MyWidz – – Sweden
Rebtel – – Sweden
Softkinetic – – Belgium
TallyFox – – Switzerland
Tictail – – Sweden
Tobii – – Sweden
Transfluent – – Finland
Tribe Studios – – Finland
WeVideo – – Norway
Wrapp – – Sweden
zero2infinity – – Spain – Yearling
Zyncro – – Spain – Young Bull

For more information head over to White Bull’s event wrap-up post here.

Foundum was thrilled to partner with White Bull for this event and rub shoulders with what is sure to be Europe’s up-and-coming next round of successful exits. Congratulations to Farley, Elizabeth, and the entire White Bull team for another successful Summit! We can’t wait for next year!

Venturepreneurs Pitch Contest 2012 Final Top 3 Startups

Friday, October 12th, 2012

The Venturepreneurs Pitch Contest is about to take place in exactly one week at the 18th October 2012. It’s been a difficult decision to make a selection from all these great startup applications, but after long consideration we’re glad to announce the lucky entrepreneurs & their startups that have been selected:

SmadexJordi de los Pinos

Smadex provides Mobile Advertising with a Mobile Demand Side Platform that offers high targeting capabilities to achieve optimal ROI for advertisers.

Ludium Lab - Ignacio Arroyo

Ludium Lab is a cloud-gaming startup that provides PC Video-games on demand to your online mobile terminal.

MarfeelXavi Beumala

Marfeel allows any publisher, of any size, to automatically convert its web contents into the best touch experience for tablets and smartphones

These are the top 3 startups who are invited to pitch their projects in front of the Venturepreneurs on the island of Mallorca on October 18th and will be competing for up to €300.000 of Funding! We wish you best of luck for the Contest!