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August, 2013

Milan Ecosystem is open

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

We’re excited to announce that we have opened Italy’s Startup & Innovation Hotspot this week. 40 entrepreneurs  have joined Foundum in the past weeks. And we’re inviting all other entrepreneurs, advisors and service & funding providers in Milan to join!

Request your invitation here, get mapped and connect with other entrepreneurial stakeholders in your local community.

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We’re currently looking for a Co-Ambassador in Milan. Please send us a message to if you’re interested or if you know someone who would be a good fit. Ambassadors will get a free ticket to Foundum Unplugged on November 26 & 27 in Barcelona.

Active Networking – An innovating way to create your network combining business and passion (FoundersKiteClub Tarifa 2013, October 7th – 13th)

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Far away from the old fashion business card, a group of innovative entrepreneurs in Germany -the FoundersKiteClub- is changing the way business people with a shared passion for extreme sports create networks. It is called Active networking and it takes place in informal events at the beach, where entrepreneurs from all around the world can develop simultaneously business relationships and friendship while they practice kitesurfing.

FKC Tarifa 2013
Sport-related events require interactions, collaboration and teamwork, therefore trusty relationships are developed automatically in a relaxing atmosphere. “I found that the maximum of networking potential can be much more exploited on such a dynamic accented and sports-related event”, explains co-founder and CEO Christoph Jost. The sport events are traditionally followed by a dinner and a party.
The kick-off event took place in El Gouna, Egypt (May 2013), counting with the participation of 60 entrepreneurs and with the support of well known kiteboarding champions Youri Zoon, Kristin Boese and Lewis Crathern.
For the upcoming event, FoundersKiteClub has chosen Tarifa (Spain) from 7th-13th October 2013. If you want to be part of the next event, you can apply via or contact the team at Their events are per invite only.

Your Startup at Risk: The Drawbacks of Relying on Foreign Service Providers

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

As a business, you and your team probably communicate some of your most important and private information through e-mails—particularly your company e-mail, which is often synced with Microsoft Outlook, G-Mail, or another similar source. However, these seemingly private messages are not as top-secret as one might think, as revealed by the activities of former CIA analyst, Edward Snowden.

Take note that many if not all of these e-mail hosting sites are based in America and, as a result, are subject to the Patriot Act which grants the government access to information about any individual, prompted by the terrorism attacks of 9/11. Numerous large, US-based corporations including the popular giants Apple, Google, and even Facebook have been asked for “private” data of its users by these large agencies.

Interbel, a Spanish company whose primary focus is email solutions and productivity, highlighted some of the risks for European companies using Microsoft Office 365 and G-Mail, including the leakage of confidentiality particularly while dealing with partners and clients, as well as losing overall competitiveness due to exposure. Failing to comply with the Patriot Act, they noted, could reap fines as large as €300.000, demonstrating the powerful legal obligation these American companies hold to their government and the potential exposure of your stored information as a result.

Though these circumstances are seemingly unfair and somewhat unjustified, the most users can do is to take precautions with what information they choose to share on the Internet regardless of how assuredly “private” the medium may be, especially considering majority of these sources are free. You can also invest in private services for a fee that assures the safety of users, such as Claranet, or Telefonica. These private telecommunications companies are based in Europe, eliminating the risk of attachment to US government and laws, and can assist you in creating your own actually private means of communication with your team via Internet and telephone.

This case is a bit frightening, as it shows the vulnerability of all the important information produced and displayed on the Internet. It is questionable that the servers which store your company’s website and other valuable information are also subjected to these clandestine laws, but nevertheless occasionally re-examining contracts and privacy policies is a reliable way to protect your company’s data and security.

Though many tech giants and important companies have grown out of America, there are many discrepancies in the terms and conditions that vary between country-to-country. Negligence in adhering to and understanding these legal obligations could seriously jeopardize your company, revealing the underlying risks of relying on these international service providers.