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La Vie est Belle – French Ecosystem is Online

October 7th, 2013

Our next national ecosystem has made it online: France! La grande nation provides a huge potential for startups to grow. Paris is one of the hottest startup hotspots in the world, but there are also other cities such as Lyon, Rennes, Nantes or Montpellier with thriving startups. Some exciting startups such as Appsfire, Aspectize & Bedycasa are already part of the French ecosystem and we’re looking for many more to join. Le Camping is a very famous incubator in France that helps promising startups to grow to the next stage. Furthermore, the world’s biggest Incubator called 1000 Start-Ups is on its way and will be ready in 2016. We’ll expect a lot more to come from Paris & France within the next months & years.

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Our French Ambassador is Laurent Granier. Laurent is also product manager at Foundum and an expert in UX with more than 17 years of experience. Laurent is working a lot with tech companies and has a great passion for startups. He’s proud to be the Ambassador of the French Ecosystem and he’ll be open to answer your questions.

We’re looking forward to many inspiring and thriving entrepreneurs & startups from France to join! Vive La France!