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August 26th, 2014

Last week marked the conclusion of our summer excursion across the European Tech scene, with our Tech Champions series (More to come this fall!). Our last stop: Amsterdam, where it seems Wired got it right. It’s a buzzworthy place! technoridesAMST_0_1

Hosted by our friends at AccelerasiaTechChampions Amsterdam featured some of the region’s hottest startups. Presenting firms included:

Martijn Flus

Marcel Wassink

Pablo Javier Barni

Mick Niepoth

Wienke Giezeman

Dominik Blattner

Christiaan Solcer

Rob Hermans

Justin Campbell

We were very pleased with the quality of the crowd that showed up,” said Accelerasia’s Frank Bomers. “Floris van Alkemade mentioned it is difficult in the Netherlands to raise funding in the range of $1 million until $5 million. This looks like a global problem we hear from many entrepreneurs from many different countries, it was then also good to hear from Floris that Solid Ventures will come up with a new fund focusing on this specific ticket size. What was also great to hear is that one of AccelerAsia’s clients, Crowdynews, is in the middle of a fund raising round and got interest from some very reputable international investors to take part in this round to further fuel Crowdynews’ international growth. What was also interesting to see is that we met quite a few new cloud solutions coming from the Netherlands, an interesting space for which we see also a lot of growth potential in Southeast Asia. All together a good event with several noteworthy companies, made in Holland but with some very interesting growth potential in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

Will some of these firms be Bully Award winners? We look forward to seeing many of them in Barcelona for UnpluggedPathways 2014, and wish them all great success!

See you soon!
The WhiteBull-Foundum Team