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Thank you for attending Foundum Unplugged Mobile

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Last week for the 1st time the event 4YFN was held during the Mobile World Congress and its been a huge success with more than 2.000 attendees. 4YFN’s mission is to be an event for all entrepreneurs at any stage of the entrepreneurial process. It was a much needed event to give a chance to entrepreneurs to benefit from all the movement around the Mobile World Congress that is still widely dominated by big corporates. Foundum was one of the  main event and content partners and we had the opportunity to host a Foundum Unplugged Event for the Mobile Ecosystem.


Foundum Unplugged Mobile Speed Dating


We had more than 200 mobile Startups applying for the Speed Dating Session eager to pitch their ideas to investors. It’s been a great quality of projects and in the end 50 Startups were selected. Cell Buddy, a virtual SIM Card Creator from Israel, Komoot, a new mobile App from Germany, Droiders a Google Glass Application Creator  from Spain – just to to mention a few.

Each Startup had the chance to meet 10 investors in 1 on 1 sessions. They had 10  minutes to pitch their ideas face to face. More than 45 investors attended the event  - great VC’s from abroad like Accel, ACTIVE, Balderton Capital, Horizons, Octopus Investments, Intel Capital, Orange Fab, Techstars – all together with more than 15 billion EUROS under management.

Good luck to all the startups for your follow up sessions and thanks a lot to the whole 4YFN and Mobile World Capital Team for partnering up with us. A special THANK YOU goes to Aleix Valls and Adria Battle for your trust and efforts!




TEDxESADE 2012 – Two acronyms that go well together!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Do you know what TED and ESADE have in common? In first place they are both acronyms; TED means Technology, Entertainment and Design, ESADE means Escuela Superior de Administración y Direcciòn de Empresas. Something else they have in common is their passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and emerging talent. Both institutions, in their own way, educate and provide a space to launch new ideas. That’s essentially what the TEDxESADE event on the 13th of April was about and we at Foundum are happy to partner up with these initiatives!

The audience was full of concept and early stage entrepreneurs being inspired by some very extroverted and entertaining speakers. The speakers were there to inspire and pump energy into the audience – they succeeded.

Alex Barrera (co-founder and CEO Tetuan Valley) and Lane Becker talked about some abstract motivational concepts like achieving “WOWness” and learning how to be lucky. They pushed the idea that your life is in your control, many random things will happen, but if we are able to keep a positive attitude and spot opportunities when we least expect them we can really shape our own lives they way we want to.

Feargal MacConuladh, Director at Technova, gave a more concrete presentation with the 5 reasons why YOU should become an entrepreneur!

  1. The pursuit of passion! Do what you are passionate about…
  2. Create like a child! You can go back to being a child playing with lego block and create something from scratch.
  3. The rush of risk! That adrenaline rush that you get when doing something extreme. It’s the same rush that entrepreneurs get addicted to and the reason why they keep on creating companies.
  4. Mountains of money…not really. You have a slight chance you will make a mountain of money. Anyway, it’s a job that will generate some kind of income for you and if you think it’s not safe, well… in these economic times no job is safe.
  5. Freedom, #nuffsaid

TEDxESADE is a fantastic afternoon event that takes place in Barcelona every year. It surely does a great job at inspiring concept and early stage entrepreneurs to go forward and start shaping their own lives and the lives of others from what they create.

Vienna Startup Week

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

5 days, 30 sessions, 50 start-ups, 70 speakers and more than 1000 people attendees. These were just some numbers floating around at the first edition of the European Startup festival in Vienna. We were also in Vienna for both the Venturepreneurs’ Summit and the Startup Week. It was an intense week full of insights into European entrepreneurship with a special focus on Eastern Europe and emerging markets. We want to share with you what we have learned at the conference so you can use this knowledge to grow yourselves and your ventures!

Talent, talent and more talent

It is clear that the main challenge of a venture (as well as any other type of organisation) is to acquire the right talent. When we refer to talent it isn’t necessarily the people that come out of a Harvard MBA with the top grades. Each venture has a specific culture, offering and is at a certain stage of its lifecycle – so you need to seek the talent that is right for you. As Morten Lund says, in a venture at the seed and start-up stage the people need the stamina and passion as well as the persistence and courage to go forward regardless of the obstacles. Later on if the business model is proven and works well it might be necessary to bring in new talent that can grow the venture fast in different geographies and bring it to the next level. So make sure you understand where you venture is and who it needs for the present stage.

You are running a marathon

Pascal Finette, of Mozilla, made a very inspiring presentation on how if you are an entrepreneur you need to behave as if you were running a marathon. He gives recommendations to the entrepreneur to reduce the likelihood of failure and also set the right expectations. We highlight a few of these recommendations. As an entrepreneur you need to make sacrifices, it isn’t easy and the success stories seen in the media are the tip of an iceberg fool of failures. Make the positive choices that make a difference in your life and career, karma will get back to you! Set high goals for yourself and seek your potential, only like this will you break barriers. Work as a team, run to win and push the pace – only together will you reach those goals and unless you run to win you will never win but you need to push the pace and mover quicker than others.

The product

The product is key, it is what your customers need to use, like and come back to. It is because of the product that you are able to monetize and it is the main purpose of the venture. Tariq Krim, entrepreneur and founder of Netvibes and Jolicloud, took us through his tips on what you should focus on when it comes to the product. There are always the obvious things such as make a product that works and people need, build a brand around it, and execute well. Some other tips include the distribution, “Every good product is as good as its reach” – so if you release a new online product in a country with very little Internet penetration don’t expect good results. Also, don’t quit that easily, if it doesn’t work out the first time change direction, tweak the product or the target market – “don’t quit until you’ve tried everything”.

Network and be involved

Our own personal recommendation is that you need to be present and know the people in the industry. For us going to Startup Week 2011 was an invaluable experience. We have met the top European entrepreneurs, investors and visionaries in the Internet space. Before you network and attend conferences, make sure what your purpose is, who you want to speak to and prepare. At the conference, try to speak to many people, get to know the speakers and then at the after conference parties (and there are always parties!) you have the chance to get to know people better and have a one to one conversation. Make sure to set a metric for your networking efforts, it’s just like any other business operation you do.

We were inspired by what happened in Vienna and we are even more enthusiastic about bringing to the entrepreneurial scene the online platform for entrepreneurs and the relevant stakeholders that will enable the ecosystem to be online, more interconnected, more visual and have a local penetration coupled with a global reach.

Barcelona 2011 a good year!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

2011 seems to be a good year for entrepreneurship in Barcelona. We are half way through the year and there has been an inflow of talent that is mind-boggling. This is clearly visible through the many events that have taken place in the city: 3-Day Start-up, TEDxESADE, BizBarcelona, SIME Barcelona and the Growth Summit are just some examples. Below we’d like to share the main learning outcomes from the star speakers that have joined us in the past months and have pumped our motivation to start ventures and have enriched our knowledge and vision.

Sweat and Tears

Two very clear messages came out from all the presentations, conversations and interviews. The first message is that now is the time to start ventures and jump into the start-up world because companies are not hiring as much and because new ventures are the growth engines of economies and are the innovators of the world. The second message is that entrepreneurship is for those who are open to sacrifice. It’s not an easy career path, it involves long hours and weekends and the success stories that the media speaks of are the exception to the rule. As Steve Blank, retired serial entrepreneur and professor of entrepreneurship at Stanford and Berkley, says, if you have a vision and are passionate about it go ahead and try (BizBarcelona).

In a one-to-one interview with Ola Alvharsson, chairman and host of the media event SIMECaterina Fake, founder of Flickr, narrated the tough path that her team had to go through before Flickr took off. It was amusing to hear such a prominent entrepreneur having to go through tight budgets and instant noodle meals (see a video about it). It’s a reminder to all that entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as one usually expects.

Setting up the right team

People make the difference; there is no doubt in anyone’s mind about that. Venture capitalists like Nenad Merovac, Managing Partner at DN Capital, have reiterated how they invest in people, not ideas, because people can pivot and change the course if the idea doesn’t work (SIME). Geoff Smart spoke for 2 hours at the Growth Summit about the importance and techniques needed to hire the right people. Failing to do so can be expensive and lead to no results.

Steve Blank reminds us how essential it is to distinguish between those people who are good for mature companies and those who are good for start-ups. In all departments of a start-up, although most of the times there is one core team multitasking, the people are supposed to be able to cope with changes in strategy, sales pitches and developing a minimum viable product. Unlike bigger established companies where everything is more certain, almost set in stone and the people revolve around the product’s well-defined and established specifications.

Understanding the business model

A start-up creates from scratch a new business and with that a strategy, a product or service and so on, and a crucial piece of the puzzle is the business model. How will the start-up make money and what will enable the revenue generation? These are crucial questions that entail understanding the customer segments, relationships, the channels, the value proposition and much more. It can be hard for a start-up to understand all the areas that are needed to cover and those that are crucial to a business.

As the Growth Guy Verne Harnish explained at the past Growth Summit  in Barcelona, every business needs to “own” a word or phrase in a Google search if they want to be the leaders in their field. The man that owns the phrase “Business Model Generation” is Alex Osterwalder. He is the person who puts all the key elements of a business model in one page to portray in a visual and easy way all the important elements – value proposition, customer relationships, channels, customer segments, key activities, key resources, key partners, cost structure and revenue streams. We highly recommend going to his website and downloading the canvas for free in order to easily display and visualise the business model of your start-up.

Social media and real time

Social media has reshaped the way companies think about marketing, CRM, HR, and more. Businesses are increasing efforts and budgets to spend into social media in order to speak to customers, communicate new products or take care of their brand. This relatively new phenomenon has also allowed smaller companies to compete with bigger well-known brands since costs to have a profile on Facebook and launch a “cool” campaign are minimal compared to launching an advertisement during the Super Bowl.

Social media can be an immensely positive thing as well as a destructive force. The concept of real time on social media as well as the reach of the Internet may cause huge headaches to start-ups. It’s hard to minimize damages once negative news is out, so companies must act real time to take care of problems, as well as acting real time to take advantage of what’s going on in the world.

Democratization of entrepreneurship

It used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch a start-up before the dotcom bubble. Now with $30,000 a website can be up and running with the first beta testers. Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, has spoken to us at SIME about how they are helping start-ups with their cloud services. With very little costs and a simple pay as you use costs structure a website can be entirely stored on Amazon’s servers and be fully active. Steve Blank notes that in today’s world anyone can start a company with little investment. Entrepreneurship is for all those who are willing to go ahead with their vision.

We look forward in contributing to this vision with our own services launching soon, so stay tuned!


Foundum S.L. has been created!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

We’re excited to announce that the company Foundum S.L. has officially been created today!

The Public Deed has been signed in Barcelona at the Notary Office Josep Mª Valls with support from our lawyers ILV Silver.

We can’t wait to get started now!! ;-)

Company Creation at the Notary