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New international investors to join the Venturepreneurs Organization

Friday, May 14th, 2010

On May 10th the Spanish Newspaper “La Expansion” released the following article on the Barcelona based Venturepreneurs Organization and we’d like to share our free English translation with you.


Every member invests between 25.000 and 250.000 into each project. At the next summit two new Venturepreneurs will be welcomed to the Organization: Marek Fodor (Atrápalo) and Heiko Rauch (Zanox).

Catalan economic history books always emphasize the entrepreneurial character of this region. Recently it’s been enriched by a new movement of young foreign entrepreneurs who left their successful projects in other European capitals to move to Barcelona.

One case is Christopher Pommerening, originally from Hamburg (Germany) who created various Internet portals  until when, in 2004, he allied with Philipp Schroder (also German),  Ricard Soderberg (Swedish) and  Blair McLaren (Scottish). These four are forming the management team of Active Venture Partners, a management company of the risk capital branch of the Molins family, owner of Cementos Molins.

In 2007, the Active Venture Partners initiated the creation of the Venturepreneurs’ Organization, a network of international investors with headquarter in Barcelona.  Next to Active other supporters of this initiative are Didac Lee, Catalán with Chinese roots who founded Inspirit – with the Carulla family, owner of Agrolimen, as partner – and Carlos Muñoz, founder of the first Spanish low cost airline Vueling.

Venturepreneurs’ Organization, a non-profit organization which comprises more than 30 investors, is a special red of business angels. “We contribute with entrepreneurial experience, knowledge in distinct sectors, contacts and knowledge of international markets, meaning all the attributes and entrepreneur needs”. This is how Christopher Pommerening explains the leading motive of the Venturepreneurs’.

Other members of the organization are Rodolfo Carpintier (Netjuice), Albert Armengol (eConozco) and Jesús Encinar (

Twice a year they come together for a Summit where they share new potential investment opportunities. Every member of the organization decides individually where and how much he/she invests as the entity as such does not form part of any investment activity in a company.  The amounts of investment range from 25.000 to 250.000€. The average investment amount is around 100.000€. The members of the organization take minority participations in the first rounds during the Start-Up phase.

Until today, the Venturepreneurs’ have invested in around 200 projects.  Just mentioning a few of the funded projects Bloguzz, Genoom, Linqia, 3scale o Garmz.

The upcoming summit will be held from 20th to 22nd May in Gavá Mar (Baix de Llobregat).  Then it is expected that two new Venturepreneurs will join the organization: Marek Fodor, co-founder of the leisure and travel portal Atrápalo, and Heiko Rauch, creator of the online marketing company Zanox.

What do the members of the Venturepreneurs Organization have in common? All share the same mission: “Create one European ecosystem for investment activity into companies in their seed stage.”, comments Christopher Pommerening. At the same time the Catalan capital provides all the necessary conditions to become a hub for entrepreneurs.

The investors not only contribute money to the companies they support, but also their experience and network of contacts. Further their profiles are filled with international references, which contributes added value to the projects. This means the companies start off by already paying attention to international markets.

Venturepreneurs Expansion

Foundum found a new office!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

This week we moved into our first official office.


We moved to the district of “Eixample Izquierda”. As the photo shows we’re based in a little street inside of a city block. There are two rows of little houses just like at Disneyland providing spacious offices for all sorts of modern companies like designers, movie producers and Internet companies.

We’re two minutes away from the historic Plaza España famous for its beautiful illuminated water fountain shows during summer time and to la Fira, Barcelona’s exhibition centre, hosting famous events and congresses like the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

This amazing loft is owned and hosted by an extraordinary company:  Spartner, the  Spa Wellness Consultants.  And you won’t believe it: We even have two massage beds in here ;-)

office inside

Foundum S.L. has been created!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

We’re excited to announce that the company Foundum S.L. has officially been created today!

The Public Deed has been signed in Barcelona at the Notary Office Josep Mª Valls with support from our lawyers ILV Silver.

We can’t wait to get started now!! ;-)

Company Creation at the Notary

Barcelona’s entrepreneur networks boosting its entrepreneurial ecosystem

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Are you aware of all the entrepreneurial organizations out there in your city?

Many entrepreneurs are aware of a few organizations in their cities but the majority has no idea which ones are really relevant for them and their business and how to find suitable ones which can provide good support.

Within the last years many initiatives haven been taken by the city of Barcelona to grow and make better accessible its entrepreneurial ecosystem. In November the “Barcelona Networking Day” for the first time created a macro-networking event with 255 members and representatives of the entrepreneurial community to present the city´s most active networking platforms for entrepreneurs.

The Barcelona Networking Day-organized by the governmental institution Barcelona Activa–enabled entrepreneurs to network face to face with entrepreneurs and the most active networks fostering entrepreneurialism and innovation of the city of Barcelona.

Around 8.000 entrepreneurs belonging to all sorts of different sectors (new technology, automotive, mobile communication, etc) attended the event. It’s been a great opportunity to establish contacts, collaborative ventures and sharing experiences of entrepreneurial adventures within the city.

These are the 19 currently most active entrepreneurial networks:

Started in 2004, 22@ is an initiative which actively supports and boosts the development of the District @22 transforming the area into a dynamic hub for technological Start-Ups and Businesses.

Associació Jovenes Empresaris de Catalunya
Created in 1958, AIJEC is a non-profit organization to support young entrepreneurs in Catalonia.

Barcelona Entrepreneurship City
Created in 2008, BCN Entrepreneurship City is a meta community for Entrepreneurs that have the common goal to make Barcelona the European Hub for Entrepreneurship. Members propose new ideas, in order to improve the infrastructure and services for Entrepreneurs in Barcelona. Check also the Facebook Group.

BCN Techworking
BCN Techworking is a community for entrepreneurs focused on the technological and innovation sector.

Cava & Twitts
Cava and Twitts is a monthly gathering to talk about Social Media topics which are related to the communication tool Twitter – how to use it and how to better understand its impact.

Circulo de Mujeres de Negocio
Círculo de Mujeres de Negocios is a non-for profit association with the aim to bring together professional women from the business world such as female entrepreneurs, directors, managers, freelancers and executives.

Entrepreneurs Network Barcelona
ENB enables you to mingle with fellow Barcelona based international entrepreneurs, to exchange ideas, contacts and advice on doing business in Catalonia.

Entrepreneurs Organization Spain
Founded in 1987, The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a dynamic, global network of more than 7.300 business owners in 42 countries. EO is a catalyst enabling entrepreneurs to grow and learn from each other, leading to greater business success and an enriched personal life.

Federació d´Associacions de Joves Empresaris i Emprendedors de Catalunya
Objective of the FAJEEC is to help young entrepreneurs to learn and grow and to create synergies between other young Catalan entrepreneurs. JCI Catalunya – and other Catalan governmental institutions have formed the FAJEEC.

First Tuesday
First Tuesday is an independent Business Think Tank encouraging and supporting the creation of knowledge where business intersects policy, technology and innovation. There are First Tuesday forums in 18 countries with over 41.000 active members worldwide.

Gild International
Opened in 2008, Gild is a modern-day business club exclusively for members providing office space, hosting interesting events and offer personalised networking opportunities. Further clubs are planned for Madrid, Paris, London, New York, Shanghai and Dubai.

Iniciador Barcelona
Iniciador is a Spanish community of Entrepreneurs hosting conversations online and organizing regular meetings in all major  cities of Spain.

iWeekend is an intensive event that brings together a highly motivated group of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more to select an idea and work together on executing the idea — launching the first version of the product (usually a web application), all in one weekend.

Jove Cambra Internacional Barcelona
Inspired by JCI Junior Chamber International around 1.000 young entrepreneurs between 18 y 40 years of different sectors have joined the Catalan organization. Apart from grants there is active support provided by the Barcelona government and the Generalitat of Catalunya.

Onion is a cooperative association based on three pillars: knowledge/experience, contacts/networking and cooperation. Xarxa Onion helps PYMES developing key strategies to help them consolidate and grow their business.

Mobile Monday
Mobile Monday is a community of mobile professionals. The open community promotes the mobile industry and fosters cooperation and networking among industry people and their companies by providing opportunities for personal and virtual contacts.

Venturepreneurs Organization
Venturepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs who act as venture capitalists. They have their own entrepreneurial and venture capital experience and like to invest in new ventures in the seed stage. The organisation aims to be a European wide network in order to exchange valuable peer to peer experiences, create high quality deal flow, foster sector expertise and generate co-investment opportunities and business contacts.

Xarxactiva de´empreses
Barcelonanetactiva is a space created by Barcelona Activa, the Local Development Agency of the Barcelona City Council, which offers quality information and tools to entrepreneurs with business ideas, so they can start up and consolidate their businesses in Barcelona.