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La Vie est Belle – French Ecosystem is Online

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Our next national ecosystem has made it online: France! La grande nation provides a huge potential for startups to grow. Paris is one of the hottest startup hotspots in the world, but there are also other cities such as Lyon, Rennes, Nantes or Montpellier with thriving startups. Some exciting startups such as Appsfire, Aspectize & Bedycasa are already part of the French ecosystem and we’re looking for many more to join. Le Camping is a very famous incubator in France that helps promising startups to grow to the next stage. Furthermore, the world’s biggest Incubator called 1000 Start-Ups is on its way and will be ready in 2016. We’ll expect a lot more to come from Paris & France within the next months & years.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 14.17.53

Our French Ambassador is Laurent Granier. Laurent is also product manager at Foundum and an expert in UX with more than 17 years of experience. Laurent is working a lot with tech companies and has a great passion for startups. He’s proud to be the Ambassador of the French Ecosystem and he’ll be open to answer your questions.

We’re looking forward to many inspiring and thriving entrepreneurs & startups from France to join! Vive La France!

The Rome Ecosystem is now open!

Monday, September 16th, 2013

A few weeks ago we’ve been opening the Milan ecosystem for entrepreneurs & startups. Now it’s time to open the second ecosystem in Italy’s capital and one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome!

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 18.01.11

Rome has created some fantastic startups like Wanderio, Atooma or NetLex, which have already a profile on Foundum. Rome provides a variety of great tech startups that we’d love to add to the ecosystem.

Therefore, we’d like to invite all entrepreneurial stakeholders & tech startups from Rome to join. By joining the ecosystem you’ll be able to connect to like-minded people and to make new relevant contacts to help you grow your startup. Help us grow the Rome ecosystem!

We hope to welcome you soon!

Top 10 Most Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Hubs in Europe

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Many European cities are becoming increasingly popular among the startup scene, developing them into ideal destinations for entrepreneurs. We’ve combined a list of the top ten established as well as up-and-coming ecosystem hubs for European startups.

In the eastern part of the city, known as “Tech City”, the streets are nearly overflowing with companies. From startups to internationally renowned multi-media businesses, this British ecosystem is a major destination for any European entrepreneur or technology fanatic and is highly reminiscent of the Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. For a mere idea on how concentrated businesses are in this area, check out this map. Though other cities threaten its position, at this point London proves to be the number one ecosystem hub in Europe.

Somewhat similar to Tech City, Berlin also possesses a technology platform that connects all the entrepreneurs of the city: Silicon Allee. Its intention is for Berlin startups to network and host meetups, where they can meet other entrepreneurs, exchange ideas, and learn from others in their respective industry. Hundreds of companies are listed on the site, making communication especially easy for these individuals. This exciting, friendly environment has fostered major developments in entrepreneurship and technology in Berlin and will probably continue to fuel this movement for many years.

Numerous startup success stories have begun to come out of Amsterdam over the past few years—combine these accomplishments with cheap rent space and a liberal young atmosphere, and you’ll have a new startup and tech hotspot for young people across the continent. Amsterdam also hosts a variety of popular startup events, such as Amsterdam Startup Week, that flock entrepreneurs to the city and inspire and advise them through their company’s endeavors. With such a positive environment, this scene is sure to develop and expand in the future.

Despite its beautiful weather and beaches, Barcelona also contains some of the most successful and growing startups in the Spanish country. With the creation of the E3 Union, a network for Spanish entrepreneurs, young people in this city are continuing to develop and expand their startups, with the encouragement and assistance of the various other aspiring business leaders. Moreover, the creative and practical applications that have been developed within the past few years foreshadow an even greater increase in startups in this European hub.

Despite its small size, Tallinn brings significant talent to the technology and business world. The birthplace of Skype, the city continues to flourish, especially due to its high population of incredibly intelligent programmers and ambitious entrepreneurs. Estonia’s government has actually already implemented technology into the country’s daily functioning: electronic voting, signing, and much more have all become routine aspects of an average citizen’s life; this encouragement from the government continues to pave the road to success for this tiny yet tech-y city.

Tel Aviv
Israel’s very own “Silicon Wadi”, Tel Aviv, is densely populated with startups, investors, service providers, and research and development. All these resources, along with significant government assistance (Israel actually has the highest ratio in the world of GDP allocated for R&D) make the city an exciting, innovative place for young entrepreneurs to be. The continuing development of extensive business and technology programs in the academic world, for both local and international students, also creates an engaging and inspiring environment, further encouraging startups to migrate toward the city.

Spotify created a snowball effect in the Stockholm startup scene: numerous entrepreneurs who have been developing their companies in the city have also become success stories, earning thousands to millions of euros by selling their businesses to big-name companies. These events have greatly inspired and encouraged creativity in the city, inviting more young people to pursue their business goals in such a growing environment. Expect to hear about more products and services coming out of Stockholm in the future, as this city is definitely becoming a major startup hub.

Though less of a startup powerhouse than some of these other places, this Finland capital city has a promising future ahead. In recent years, numerous startups have developed and taken off in the heart of this city—just in April, a study showed that these Baltic startups were worth one million euros, a very impressive feat. The development of many societies that connect entrepreneurs together has further encouraged individuals to give their idea a try, especially in such a stimulating environment. And with increased media attention drawn toward the development of a startup culture, more people are becoming aware of the startup frenzy that is slowly creeping up on the city.

Another city that should be looked out for, Lisbon is definitely expected to create a huge, tech startup scene within the coming years. The government created a startup incubator two years ago, bringing numerous new startups to life. Technology companies are becoming increasingly popular, and these increased resources coupled with government assistance are inviting entrepreneurs to pitch and develop their ideas. The city hopes its efforts will eventually dub it one of the major startup hubs, making it essentially the San Francisco of the European Union.

Given the cheap cost of living, its no surprise that eventually young entrepreneurs will flock to Bucharest. The city hosts many business and technology related events year-round, constantly bringing inspirational talent and successful leaders to the city and attracting entrepreneurs as a result. Over the next few years, there is no doubt that the city will continue to expand its startup and tech scene and eventually develop a reputation as one of the major European startup hubs.

Though some of these places are more established as hubs than others, they each play crucial roles in the European startup scene. Over the course of the next few years, we are excited to see which of these cities continue to maintain these trends and what other successful businesses grow out of them as a result.

Berlin Ecosystem Opening – Germany’s most vibrant startup hub

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

We’re very proud to announce the opening of our second local ecosystem in Germany: Berlin, Germany’s Startup Hotspot! Right now there’s a huge “Hype” going on around Berlin’s startup scene. Everybody wants to be part of this energetic community. It has massive potential and dozens of new startups are created every month. We want to support Berlin, not only fostering its own ecosystem, but providing a connection to all the different other ecosystems out there.

Germany’s most vibrant startup hub is now open for all entrepreneurial players in Berlin to join. Berlin’s startup scene is often described as Europe’s pendant to Silicon Valley. We’re glad to be able to support and we want to help those startups to become the “Next Big Thing”.

This is also a big opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world, who’d like to relocate to Berlin. The city provides the ideal conditions & resources to “start up”. You won’t find another spot in Germany hosting as many entrepreneurial events & Accelerators/Incubators are constantly looking for promising startups. It’s simply a great location for entrepreneurs & startups.

Please feel free to invite your entrepreneurial contacts in the Berlin area. We’re also currently looking for a Foundum Ambassador in Berlin who is passionate about fostering his/her ecosystem. If you’re interested please email us to to learn more.


New Hamburg Ecosystem & Champions Dinner

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

The Hamburg Ecosystem is live and we’re happy to support their entrepreneurial community near the river Elbe. Some great startups like Blau, Xing, MyTaxi have been created there and we want to help create similar success stories.

The Kick-off dinner last week at the Business Club Hamburg was a great success and we’d like to thank all new members and champions thriving the Hamburg Ecosystem:

Jan Andresen, founder of

Thomas Promny, founder of Velvet Ventures

Dirk Freise, founder of BLAU Mobilfunk

Christian Mees, founder of Dockyard Ventures

Arne Flick, founder of BigPictureMags

Kjell Fischer, founder at apprupt

Soenke Martens, founder of loftville

Tim Jaudzims, founder of Verve Connect

Martin Ostermayer, founder of Shortcut Ventures

Mark Miller, founder of CatCap GmbH

Volker Martens, founder of Factor3

Stephan Uhrenbacher, founder of Qype

Michael Luetzenkirchen, founder of whatever mobile

Foundum Hamburg will have its official launch event beginning of June. Feel free to request your invitation and invite your entrepreneurial contacts to join the Hamburg Ecosystem. We’re looking forward to an accelerating & growing ecosystem Hamburg.

Foundum joins forces with Startupbusiness in Italy

Monday, March 25th, 2013

We are very proud to announce that we’ll open our third national ecosystem: “Startup Italy”. In partnership with Startupbusiness we’ll enter the highly vibrant startup scene of Italy. Milan has emerged as one of the hotspots for startups, not only in Italy, but within Europe. We’re glad to support this growing ecosystem.

Our Italian Partner Startupbusiness is an Italian based Social Network for Entrepreneurs aimed to stimulate and support relationships, matching, deals & share of information among the main actors of the innovation ecosystem. Startups, investors, universities, institutions, incubators, research centers, science and technological parks, companies find in Startupbusiness’s network a very useful tool that allows direct relations between them to bypass any kind of physical, geographical and structural barrier.

Emil Abirascid will be our first ambassador for Italy. He is the founder and CEO of Startupbusiness and we’re very happy to have find a great supporter in him. He also is the chief editor of Innov’azione, a bi-monthly magazine fully dedicated to the Italian innovation ecosystem. Emil is also the author of Percorsi dell’innovazione, the area fully dedicated to innovative startups within Smau, the main Italian trade show on technology. He writes about innovation and innovative startups on Il Sole 24 Ore, the main Italian financial newspaper, for CI (CorriereInnovazione) the brand new editorial initiative focused on innovation of RCS, one of the biggest editorial group in Europe. He is also the curator of Startup Digest Italy.

Startupbusiness & Foundum are calling in all of you Italian entrepreneurs out there who wish to come together in the Italian ecosystem and who also want to access the global ecosystem leading to great new connections, innovations & collaborations. As soon as we’ve reached 30 Entrepreneurs in Italy we’ll be opening up the ecosystem page. Get in and boost your Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem!

New Ecosystem Map and Startup Doc’s for Entrepreneurs

Monday, March 11th, 2013

We’re proud to share our latest two new amendments on Foundum!

New Ecosystem Map

Our Ecosystems Maps have gained more and more importance over the past months so that we decided to give them a new look and feel. They are now much bigger & clearer to use. On the map you’ll find all relevant stakeholders of your ecosystem. Check them out and browse the world!!

On the ecosystem map you are able to find all relevant B2B Service Providers, Government Agencies, Knowledge Institutions, Associations, Funding Providers & startups in your local area or even on a global scale. Have a look at your city or country and find potential partners, clients or investors. If you click on “Full Screen” below in the right hand corner you’ll be able to see the map on your full screen to get an even bigger overview.

Add Documents to your Startup

Looking for Partners or for funding from Venture Capitals or Private Investors? We know this can be challenging. They examine carefully whether to invest in a Startup or not. They look at the teams, executive summaries, financial statements and other indicating figures & facts.

From now on, you can upload all these supporting documents & videos to enrich your Startup Profile. Provide an executive summary, a presentation, a SWOT analysis or any other document to show the uniqueness of your startup. This will enhance the exposure of your startup to other potential collaborators or investors and will make it even easier for them to grasp your unique business idea!

Roland Berger & IESE recognize the importance for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

It appears that Europe is lagging behind their Lisbon objective to become “the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world”. Innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs are crucial for the economy as they are the job and new growth creators.

Roland Berger and IESE Business School tried to find answers to the question how Europe can successfully stimulate knowledge-intensive start-ups learning from world-class European ecosystems. 1.000 entrepreneurs from 57 countries participated in their new study  “For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs” examining the mechanisms behind stimulating entrepreneurship.

The authors found that the key to fostering and accelerating knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship is to forget the idea that entrepreneurs are exceptional individuals who work alone, and focus on building more and better “ecosystems.”

The value of the ecosystem
Start-ups thrive specifically in ecosystems that provide the necessary support. The study cites IESE Business School and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands as examples of successful ecosystems. Within an ecosystem, start-ups and corporations can interact and mutually benefit from each other’s knowledge and connections. In an entrepreneurial ecosystem (e.g. Silicon Valley ), entrepreneurs have immediate access to coaches, supporting professionals in different business areas, as well as a network of customers and companies with whom they are in frequent contact.

The study distinguishes between two levels of networks within an ecosystem: the “open network,” through which entrepreneurs get in touch with customers, suppliers and other supporters; and a “closed network,” with whom an entrepreneur shares his or her ideas and worries, in order to receive immediate advice or feedback. Considering that 90 %  of initial business plans are adjusted before becoming successful businesses, fast, critical and expert advice is a crucial element in the entrepreneurial process.

Main hurdles in setting up a company
The study identifies a start-up’s main hurdles and looked at possibilities how to stimulate and foster knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship.

1. Contacting and contracting clients
Getting to know their customers before starting a successful business is the Number 1 hurdle for 57 % of the interviewed entrepreneurs.
2. Acquiring resources
44% indicated sufficient fund raising as their main obstacle such as finding and contracting the right suppliers.
3. Building a team
Adding experienced people to the team is a major driver of success. Firms that add experienced people to the team think bigger, act faster and make more use of industry contacts,” the authors stress.

Six key insights leading to entrepreneurial growth
After assessing the hurdles, the authors highlight six key insights to building high-growth firms:

1. Entrepreneurial behavior is developed through personal and interpersonal competencies. Good entrepreneurs need more than business skills – personal competencies such as creativity, determination, integrity and self-criticism will enable entrepreneurs to make the right decisions in matters that are beyond his or her knowledge.
2. Ecosystems allow entrepreneurs to develop their initial ideas more quickly and, using feedback from networks, validate their business ideas.
3. Corporations can provide vital business know-how to start-ups, but can also benefit from the product, service and process ideas by participating in the start-up ecosystem.
4. Ecosystems create entrepreneurs by validating that one has or can develop the capabilities to start a firm.
5. Government support of ecosystems and start-ups should be faster, more targeted and less bureaucratic.
6. Knowledge centers, investors and business service professionals should take the lead in setting up platforms for interaction to facilitate the development of ecosystems.

This study gives further evidence of the importance for strong entrepreneurial ecosystems and validates the significance of the concepts and projects developed by Foundum.