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Find Mentors on Foundum

Friday, June 28th, 2013

From now on members can create mentor profiles so that entrepreneurs can find & search for mentors on Foundum. Entrepreneurs can indicate within their Needs that they are currently looking for a mentor, and then our matchmaking engine will automatically suggest suitable mentors based on the given criteria!

We’re inviting all experienced entrepreneurial mentors out there to support the next generation of entrepreneurs. Once you have already created an entrepreneur or private investor profile you have the option to start a mentor profile as well, showcasing your entrepreneurial expertise.

We hope that you’ll find the right mentor for you!

What is a mentor?

A mentor is an experienced and skilled entrepreneur who offers advice, support, knowledge and guidance to a less experienced entrepreneur. A mentor can take the role of an older brother, role model, coach, and teacher to help younger entrepreneurs avoid the pit falls in their journey to creating a successful business. A mentor creates an informal environment in which the mentee can feel encouraged to discuss his/her needs and circumstances openly. Apart from his very own experience he often helps the entrepreneur accessing his network. Compared to an advisor a mentor advises on a personal level whereas the advisor advises on a company level. Mentors normally do not receive a retribution for their time.

Post your Needs & Find your Leads

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Recently, our long awaited Needs & Leads Matchmaking feature has gone live! We’d like to give you a short overview how you can benefit from receiving personalized profile suggestions based on the needs you have inserted on Foundum.

Whether you are looking for Funding (Private Investor, Equity, Loan, Subsidy), Advice (Board Member, Board Advisor, Advisor), Talent (Co-founder, Team Member, Speaker) or any kind of Services (like Legal services, Office space, M&A, PR , Consulting, Education, Acceleration, IT Support, Mobile Development or Design), Foundum matches you to the right contacts that can help solve your need. Our aim is to support entrepreneurs and their startups from seed to exit, enabling them to connect with stakeholders that can drive their growth and success at each stage of their business’s life cycle.



With the Needs & Leads Matchmaking feature, entrepreneurs can indicate their main Needs and will receive relevant suggestions matching their criteria. You’ll get direct access to the people you are looking for. Advisors, investors and service & funding providers can offer their services to entrepreneurs and get suggestions of entrepreneurs who are in the need of their specific service. It’s beneficial for both sides.



Whatever your startup needs, we’ll find a match for you according to your profile criteria. For example, a startup looking for a private investor will be matched to private investors looking for startups within their industry, stage and geographic focus. The entrepreneur will then find all the relevant suggestions under “My Needs” which is accessible via your personal homepage.

We hope this new feature will help you find the right contacts. Any feedback or ideas for improvement are more than welcome! Foundum is becoming the dating site for entrepreneurs ☺ Happy Matching!

Venturepreneurs Pitch Contest 2012

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

We’re thrilled to announce that the Venturepreneurs’ Organisation will be conducting its first “Venturepreneurs Pitch Contest 2012” which will take place on Spain’s beautiful island of Mallorca on the 18th of October 2012.

A quick background for those not familiar, the Venturepreneurs’ Organisation is a structured ecosystem of serial entrepreneurs who also act like venture capitalists and provide seed-stage investments in European startups. The Venturepreneurs share their knowledge and experience, create high-quality deal flow, foster growth and generate co-investment opportunities and business contacts.

For the first time ever, innovative startups with an international vision and expansion plan will have the chance to pitch directly to the Venturepreneurs to receive funding, guidance, and key introductions into an extensive international network.

How does it work?

1. The startup must have a need of up to €300.000 of funding for their seed investment round.
2. Register at and complete your entrepreneurial and startup profiles.
3. Insert your seed investment as a Need in your Profile (Private Investor/Equity).
4. Apply through if you’re interested or tweet “@Venturepreneurs @Foundum I want to pitch!”

The top 3 Startups will then present their projects in front of the Venturepreneurs on the island of Mallorca on October 18th. The winner will receive up to €300.000 of Funding! Deadline to apply: 08.10.2012!

We’ll announce the 3 selected startups on 11.10.2012!

Being able to pitch your idea in such a beautiful environment should encourage every entrepreneur to apply! Stay tuned for more information and fill out your “Funding Needs”! We look forward to your tweets and emails.

We wish you the best of luck to get into the top 3!