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The Rome Ecosystem is now open!

Monday, September 16th, 2013

A few weeks ago we’ve been opening the Milan ecosystem for entrepreneurs & startups. Now it’s time to open the second ecosystem in Italy’s capital and one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome!

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 18.01.11

Rome has created some fantastic startups like Wanderio, Atooma or NetLex, which have already a profile on Foundum. Rome provides a variety of great tech startups that we’d love to add to the ecosystem.

Therefore, we’d like to invite all entrepreneurial stakeholders & tech startups from Rome to join. By joining the ecosystem you’ll be able to connect to like-minded people and to make new relevant contacts to help you grow your startup. Help us grow the Rome ecosystem!

We hope to welcome you soon!

Find Mentors on Foundum

Friday, June 28th, 2013

From now on members can create mentor profiles so that entrepreneurs can find & search for mentors on Foundum. Entrepreneurs can indicate within their Needs that they are currently looking for a mentor, and then our matchmaking engine will automatically suggest suitable mentors based on the given criteria!

We’re inviting all experienced entrepreneurial mentors out there to support the next generation of entrepreneurs. Once you have already created an entrepreneur or private investor profile you have the option to start a mentor profile as well, showcasing your entrepreneurial expertise.

We hope that you’ll find the right mentor for you!

What is a mentor?

A mentor is an experienced and skilled entrepreneur who offers advice, support, knowledge and guidance to a less experienced entrepreneur. A mentor can take the role of an older brother, role model, coach, and teacher to help younger entrepreneurs avoid the pit falls in their journey to creating a successful business. A mentor creates an informal environment in which the mentee can feel encouraged to discuss his/her needs and circumstances openly. Apart from his very own experience he often helps the entrepreneur accessing his network. Compared to an advisor a mentor advises on a personal level whereas the advisor advises on a company level. Mentors normally do not receive a retribution for their time.

Foundum joins forces with Startupbusiness in Italy

Monday, March 25th, 2013

We are very proud to announce that we’ll open our third national ecosystem: “Startup Italy”. In partnership with Startupbusiness we’ll enter the highly vibrant startup scene of Italy. Milan has emerged as one of the hotspots for startups, not only in Italy, but within Europe. We’re glad to support this growing ecosystem.

Our Italian Partner Startupbusiness is an Italian based Social Network for Entrepreneurs aimed to stimulate and support relationships, matching, deals & share of information among the main actors of the innovation ecosystem. Startups, investors, universities, institutions, incubators, research centers, science and technological parks, companies find in Startupbusiness’s network a very useful tool that allows direct relations between them to bypass any kind of physical, geographical and structural barrier.

Emil Abirascid will be our first ambassador for Italy. He is the founder and CEO of Startupbusiness and we’re very happy to have find a great supporter in him. He also is the chief editor of Innov’azione, a bi-monthly magazine fully dedicated to the Italian innovation ecosystem. Emil is also the author of Percorsi dell’innovazione, the area fully dedicated to innovative startups within Smau, the main Italian trade show on technology. He writes about innovation and innovative startups on Il Sole 24 Ore, the main Italian financial newspaper, for CI (CorriereInnovazione) the brand new editorial initiative focused on innovation of RCS, one of the biggest editorial group in Europe. He is also the curator of Startup Digest Italy.

Startupbusiness & Foundum are calling in all of you Italian entrepreneurs out there who wish to come together in the Italian ecosystem and who also want to access the global ecosystem leading to great new connections, innovations & collaborations. As soon as we’ve reached 30 Entrepreneurs in Italy we’ll be opening up the ecosystem page. Get in and boost your Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem!

New Ecosystem Map and Startup Doc’s for Entrepreneurs

Monday, March 11th, 2013

We’re proud to share our latest two new amendments on Foundum!

New Ecosystem Map

Our Ecosystems Maps have gained more and more importance over the past months so that we decided to give them a new look and feel. They are now much bigger & clearer to use. On the map you’ll find all relevant stakeholders of your ecosystem. Check them out and browse the world!!

On the ecosystem map you are able to find all relevant B2B Service Providers, Government Agencies, Knowledge Institutions, Associations, Funding Providers & startups in your local area or even on a global scale. Have a look at your city or country and find potential partners, clients or investors. If you click on “Full Screen” below in the right hand corner you’ll be able to see the map on your full screen to get an even bigger overview.

Add Documents to your Startup

Looking for Partners or for funding from Venture Capitals or Private Investors? We know this can be challenging. They examine carefully whether to invest in a Startup or not. They look at the teams, executive summaries, financial statements and other indicating figures & facts.

From now on, you can upload all these supporting documents & videos to enrich your Startup Profile. Provide an executive summary, a presentation, a SWOT analysis or any other document to show the uniqueness of your startup. This will enhance the exposure of your startup to other potential collaborators or investors and will make it even easier for them to grasp your unique business idea!

Post your Needs & Find your Leads

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Recently, our long awaited Needs & Leads Matchmaking feature has gone live! We’d like to give you a short overview how you can benefit from receiving personalized profile suggestions based on the needs you have inserted on Foundum.

Whether you are looking for Funding (Private Investor, Equity, Loan, Subsidy), Advice (Board Member, Board Advisor, Advisor), Talent (Co-founder, Team Member, Speaker) or any kind of Services (like Legal services, Office space, M&A, PR , Consulting, Education, Acceleration, IT Support, Mobile Development or Design), Foundum matches you to the right contacts that can help solve your need. Our aim is to support entrepreneurs and their startups from seed to exit, enabling them to connect with stakeholders that can drive their growth and success at each stage of their business’s life cycle.



With the Needs & Leads Matchmaking feature, entrepreneurs can indicate their main Needs and will receive relevant suggestions matching their criteria. You’ll get direct access to the people you are looking for. Advisors, investors and service & funding providers can offer their services to entrepreneurs and get suggestions of entrepreneurs who are in the need of their specific service. It’s beneficial for both sides.



Whatever your startup needs, we’ll find a match for you according to your profile criteria. For example, a startup looking for a private investor will be matched to private investors looking for startups within their industry, stage and geographic focus. The entrepreneur will then find all the relevant suggestions under “My Needs” which is accessible via your personal homepage.

We hope this new feature will help you find the right contacts. Any feedback or ideas for improvement are more than welcome! Foundum is becoming the dating site for entrepreneurs ☺ Happy Matching!