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Venturepreneurs Pitch Contest 2012

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

We’re thrilled to announce that the Venturepreneurs’ Organisation will be conducting its first “Venturepreneurs Pitch Contest 2012” which will take place on Spain’s beautiful island of Mallorca on the 18th of October 2012.

A quick background for those not familiar, the Venturepreneurs’ Organisation is a structured ecosystem of serial entrepreneurs who also act like venture capitalists and provide seed-stage investments in European startups. The Venturepreneurs share their knowledge and experience, create high-quality deal flow, foster growth and generate co-investment opportunities and business contacts.

For the first time ever, innovative startups with an international vision and expansion plan will have the chance to pitch directly to the Venturepreneurs to receive funding, guidance, and key introductions into an extensive international network.

How does it work?

1. The startup must have a need of up to €300.000 of funding for their seed investment round.
2. Register at and complete your entrepreneurial and startup profiles.
3. Insert your seed investment as a Need in your Profile (Private Investor/Equity).
4. Apply through if you’re interested or tweet “@Venturepreneurs @Foundum I want to pitch!”

The top 3 Startups will then present their projects in front of the Venturepreneurs on the island of Mallorca on October 18th. The winner will receive up to €300.000 of Funding! Deadline to apply: 08.10.2012!

We’ll announce the 3 selected startups on 11.10.2012!

Being able to pitch your idea in such a beautiful environment should encourage every entrepreneur to apply! Stay tuned for more information and fill out your “Funding Needs”! We look forward to your tweets and emails.

We wish you the best of luck to get into the top 3!

Being an Entrepreneur and a Business Angel will have fiscal benefits in Navarra (Spain)

Monday, October 18th, 2010

As released on the Spanish News Site Cotizalia, the Government of Navarra wants to incorporate certain fiscal benefits for entrepreneurs and business angels. New companies younger than five years, with a clear innovator scope, revenues less than €9 Million and have at least 15% of their total expenses dedicated to R+D, will not need to pay certain taxes. These include taxes on; economical activities, transmission of property, the 30% expense on company tax and in addition other fiscal postponements during the fiscal year.

This is the first time that a Spanish  autonomous region plans to provide such a fiscal reform that is already somewhat present in other countries’ legislations such as Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and Sweden.

In regards to the business angels that invest in start-ups, they will be able to reduce 20% of the investment from their personal income tax with a maximum of €4,000. The two prerequisites needed for this to happen is that the participation of the individual or his/her family doesn’t exceed 40% and that the exit happens at least after 3 years. It is also important that the business angel doesn’t cover any executive roles, although being on the board of directors is allowed.

New international investors to join the Venturepreneurs Organization

Friday, May 14th, 2010

On May 10th the Spanish Newspaper “La Expansion” released the following article on the Barcelona based Venturepreneurs Organization and we’d like to share our free English translation with you.


Every member invests between 25.000 and 250.000 into each project. At the next summit two new Venturepreneurs will be welcomed to the Organization: Marek Fodor (Atrápalo) and Heiko Rauch (Zanox).

Catalan economic history books always emphasize the entrepreneurial character of this region. Recently it’s been enriched by a new movement of young foreign entrepreneurs who left their successful projects in other European capitals to move to Barcelona.

One case is Christopher Pommerening, originally from Hamburg (Germany) who created various Internet portals  until when, in 2004, he allied with Philipp Schroder (also German),  Ricard Soderberg (Swedish) and  Blair McLaren (Scottish). These four are forming the management team of Active Venture Partners, a management company of the risk capital branch of the Molins family, owner of Cementos Molins.

In 2007, the Active Venture Partners initiated the creation of the Venturepreneurs’ Organization, a network of international investors with headquarter in Barcelona.  Next to Active other supporters of this initiative are Didac Lee, Catalán with Chinese roots who founded Inspirit – with the Carulla family, owner of Agrolimen, as partner – and Carlos Muñoz, founder of the first Spanish low cost airline Vueling.

Venturepreneurs’ Organization, a non-profit organization which comprises more than 30 investors, is a special red of business angels. “We contribute with entrepreneurial experience, knowledge in distinct sectors, contacts and knowledge of international markets, meaning all the attributes and entrepreneur needs”. This is how Christopher Pommerening explains the leading motive of the Venturepreneurs’.

Other members of the organization are Rodolfo Carpintier (Netjuice), Albert Armengol (eConozco) and Jesús Encinar (

Twice a year they come together for a Summit where they share new potential investment opportunities. Every member of the organization decides individually where and how much he/she invests as the entity as such does not form part of any investment activity in a company.  The amounts of investment range from 25.000 to 250.000€. The average investment amount is around 100.000€. The members of the organization take minority participations in the first rounds during the Start-Up phase.

Until today, the Venturepreneurs’ have invested in around 200 projects.  Just mentioning a few of the funded projects Bloguzz, Genoom, Linqia, 3scale o Garmz.

The upcoming summit will be held from 20th to 22nd May in Gavá Mar (Baix de Llobregat).  Then it is expected that two new Venturepreneurs will join the organization: Marek Fodor, co-founder of the leisure and travel portal Atrápalo, and Heiko Rauch, creator of the online marketing company Zanox.

What do the members of the Venturepreneurs Organization have in common? All share the same mission: “Create one European ecosystem for investment activity into companies in their seed stage.”, comments Christopher Pommerening. At the same time the Catalan capital provides all the necessary conditions to become a hub for entrepreneurs.

The investors not only contribute money to the companies they support, but also their experience and network of contacts. Further their profiles are filled with international references, which contributes added value to the projects. This means the companies start off by already paying attention to international markets.

Venturepreneurs Expansion